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Answers to FAQs about Fishing Catalina Island

Larger groups will enjoy a luxury fishing charter aboard Catallac with a full bar, walk-in head and room for 35 friends to watch up to 12 anglers reel em in.

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Fish Catalina aboard Catallac

Get more boat for your buck, choose either GUSTO! (30') or AFISHINADO (40') for the largest fishing platform for your money.  Both offer walk-in heads, a luxurious necessity found only on Afishinados Charters.

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Fishing Catalina Island is a great way to see, learn and enjoy this special place where land meets the sea.  Afishinados offers private, guided fishing charters for young and old, newbies and pros, in groups as small as one and as large as 12.  You charter the boat, so bring friends and family at no extra cost.  We encourage all family members to come and enjoy the isle in style aboard Afishinados Charters.

Important things to know:

1.  Catalina is an island, so we often fish close to shore in the calm waters of a nice cove.

2.  Good fishing is usually close by, so you can book a 4 to 6 hour charter and get in a lot of fishing time.

3.  Everybody who plans to fish and is 16 or older must have a valid California fishing license in possession.

4.  One day fishing licenses ($15) can be bought on line BY CLICKING HERE and must be printed out and in possession.

5.  You can also call 888-565-1458 and have the Department of Fish and Wildlife send a copy to your email.

Other important things to know:

1.  There are no Open Party Fishing Charters from Avalon where you simply buy a seat and fish with a bunch of strangers.

2.  The size of your group will determine which boat is best for your group, but your budget will determine which boat to book.  

3.  Most Avalon charters operate small boats limited to six or less, only Afishinados Catallac can accomodate larger groups..

4.  Afishinados Charters are 'all-inclusive', bring a fishing license, sunscreen and camera.  We supply all the gear you will need.

5.  All charters operate out of Avalon Harbor, however, you can charter a boat for a pick-up in Two Harbors or elsewhere by paying 

     for the travel time.

Fun things to know:

1.  Afishinados Charters customers love taking their fish to a local restaurant for lunch or dinner after their charter.

2.  We encourage Catch & Release for many species, but will gladly fillet a prime fish for dinner.

2.  Many customers keep just enough fish to have a local restaurant cook a fresh fish meal after their charter.

3.  It is possible to catch up to 10 different species in one full day of fishing the island.

Ready to go fishing?  Pick your vessel and check dates and availability by clicking here., or call 888-613-7770